Maticintin, Wisdom Master, is a vessel of the Mind Treasure Teachings, gifted her by the Transhistorical Consciousness, meaning she attained enlightenment in another lifetime. Maticintin gained enlightenment in a previous lifetime as an apprentice to the great Wisdom Master Padmasambhva. The Wisdom Master has a Doctorate in Logic and Buddhism and is the Founder and Leader of HÜMÜH: Jeweled Path of Living Wisdom, Clear Mind Buddhism. The Wisdom Master currently teaches at a variety of HÜMÜH Life Science/Meditation Centers in the United States and Canada, including the HÜMÜH Dharma & Meditation Centers in Kingman, Arizona, and Oroville, Washington, and the Skycliffe HÜMÜH Monastery/Life Science Centre in Westbridge, British Columbia.
She also travels and teaches at other locations in the United States, Canada, and occasionally, abroad.

Maticintin is a noted author with many books, among them a fresh, poetic rendering of The Heart Sutra; the illuminating Clear-Light Living Meditation, Vol. 1, and Secrets of the Golden Spiral: Handbook for Enlightenment and Chod:Cutting Through Obstacles (see HÜMÜH store).She brought forth HÜMÜH as a new Buddhist sect in 1992 as an expression of the highest Teachings culled from all Buddhism to directly address the Western body/mind/spirit connection and lifestyle.

One of the manifestations of her dedication as a Spiritual Teacher is the Initiate Home-Study Program she has developed, which enables Initiates to work with her at a distance, as well as, through on-site retreats and classes. While keeping up with a year-round Teaching schedule, the Wisdom Master maintains periods of solitude in between working with her students and takes time to hike in nature and be in companion energy with a romping, red-haired Pomeranian named Dorji, as well as, a horse named Spirit and his companion horse, Candy.