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Level 8 - The ImmovableLevel Eight—The Immovable

The practitioners come to realize that the act of observing affects the thing observed, and to interact with it, they must not try to avoid the opposing force. Therefore, at this stage, they must let go of their fears of being hurt by what is discovered as they continue to expand into the unknown.

In this stage, the Immovable can no longer be disturbed by anything since he has received the prophecy of when and where Buddhahood will be attained. He gains the ability to transfer his merit to other beings and renounces the accumulation of further karmic treasures.

Level 9 - Primordial IntelligenceLevel Nine—Primordial Intelligence

Reasons, being based on premises, which by their nature are limiting and confining, disappear. The practitioners realize that who they have identified themselves as, their personalities, do not exist. There are no individuals. There is only light.

The wisdom is complete. The adept possesses the 10 powers of a perfectly enlightened being: 1) Knowing the possibilities of any situation; 2) Knowledge of the ripening of deeds; 3) Knowledge of the superior/inferior abilities of other beings; 4) Knowledge of tendencies; 5) Knowing how the world is formed; 6) Knowing the paths that lead to various realms of existence; 7) Knowing how purity and impurity come into being; 8) Knowledge of meditative states; 9) Knowledge of deaths and rebirths; 10) Knowledge of exhaustion of all impurities. In addition, the bodhisattva now also possesses the six supernatural powers: 1) Omnipresence; 2) Divine hearing; 3) Perception of thoughts of other beings; 4) Memory of past lives; 5) Knowledge of cycles of birth and death of all beings; 6) Knowledge of the extinction of one’s own impurities. Also, there has been attained the insight into all rhythms of all mantras, and knows the nature of all primordial teachings and expounds them freely.

Level 10 - BuddhahoodLevel Ten—Buddhahood

BuddhahoodThe dualistic ideas have been purged, and the non-dual has appeared in their place; purification has taken place. Super-Cognizance is complete. There is no distinction between dreams and the waking state. Perfect meditation is realized.

The summit is now reached, all understanding and immeasurable virtue are realized. The transcendental body of the bodhisattva is fully developed. He or she is surrounded by countless bodhisattvas*, which confirms his or her enlightened status by all the enlightened beings of the Transcendental Consciousness; thus, perfect enlightenment is confirmed.

*A bodhisattva is a dedicated practitioner who seeks to attain enlightenment for the upliftment of all sentient life, one who consciously acts for the benefit of others as an essential part of pursuing one’s own enlightenment.

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