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Clear-Light Living Meditation
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Level 4 - The Self-LiberatorLevel Four—The Self-Liberator

Eventually, once the practitioners have learned to observe the parade of imagery without mental chatter and to maintain their attention on the mesh, the mental screen will grow dark again. There will be an incredibly loud popping sound and a burst of yellow light, which appears to have shot out from the practitioner. This experience may happen once, twice or more, but afterwards the seal is broken, the channel is clear, and one is never the same again. Sitting meditation and post-meditation become inseparable, and every action and non-action is used to explore its never-ending depths.

The radiance of the Self-Liberator’s state of consciousness blazes to purify his remaining false conceptions to make way for wisdom. He dedicates his attention to joyfully persevere to perfect the demands of enlightenment: being mindful of body, feelings, mind, and mental objects—in that order. These, in their most exacting state, form the roads to power, which is extracted from the inner silence. Such inner silence brings about concentration, or the basis for the activation of so-called magical power. Concentration here means over-all joyful perseverance within one’s mental imagery that is both inquisitive and daring or bold. Such concentration or focus also provides an acute awareness of the sense organs, including the masculine and feminine potentialities that distinguish the genders; the vital faculty of mind that determines all physiological phenomena; the faculties of pleasure, pain, joy, sadness, and indifference; as well as the root of faith, and the faculty of perfect knowledge. In addition, they gradually acquire the ability to cultivate principles and methods that are concordant with enlightenment that will take them to the next level.

Level 5 - The ConquistadorLevel Five—The Conquistador

As the practitioners begin to delve deeper into Clear Light Living Meditation, they come to realize they must let go of mental constructs. Thus, through a heightened body-mind-spirit connection, the practitioners use Super-Cognizance* to dissolve the illusion of trivia and limitations, and instead, begin to create free from mental constructs.

This level is called the ‘conquistador,’ one who conquers the unconquerable. At this stage, the conquistador absorbs himself in meditation in order to achieve an intuitive grasp of the truth. Now, doubt and uncertainty of what is wanted has already been cleared away, and the conquistador knows that through attainment of necessary wisdom, the correct way, as well as the incorrect way, will be recognized. The conquistador has realized that he is at one with the whole, and gradually, he attains the ability to always abide in mental attention, and to see the signs of mental slippage from attention, which allows him entrance into the next level.

*Third-Eye Vision, overlapping awareness, being aware of being aware

Level 6 - The ManifestorLevel Six—The Manifestor

Thus, as the practitioners continue to strive to live from Super-Cognizance, a basic knowledge appears and they are able to comprehend the illusion of time, realizing that time is merely a part of the planetary gravitational force (an open, pulling sensation from existence within environments) plus mental sensations. The practitioners also come to realize that light and its fluctuations create motion, and that motion creates life and life forms. They also see that there are parallel energies playing counterpoint to each other to create harmonics that invent situations.

This is a level where wisdom can be ‘viewed.’ Here, the Manifestor recognizes that all primordial teachings are free from characteristics, forms, and dualities. As a result, he also attains insight into conditioned mental arising and transcends discriminating thought about the perfection of wisdom; and instead, comprehends nothingness.

Before passing to the next level, the Manifestor develops the ability to continuously abide in mental attention without any sign of mental slippage.

Level 7 - The Distant Thunder (Self-Realization)Level Seven—The Distant Thunder (Self-Realization)

The practitioners’ absorption in the meditative experience has brought them to this point. But now, to take the next step, to realize the rootless essence of mind, the practitioners must cut their attachments to the meditative experience itself. All the rules of the first six levels drop away, the training wheels are removed.

The Distant Thunder has attained Self-Realization, and can now see himself manifest in any conceivable form. After passing through this level, falling back into lower levels of existence is no longer possible. This level, therefore, marks the ‘irreversible way.’ Before the Distant Thunder can move on to the next level, however, he will have to attain mastery over signs by developing an overview of all life situations. Continued...

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