Ati-Yoga Teachings

Dear Spiritual Student or Spiritual Seeker,

It's natural to have some confusion about what an enlightened Master/Teacher is, so I'm going to give you a few guidelines so that you can better recognize such an embodiment.

• An enlightened Master possesses inherent knowledge (rather than learned knowledge); that is, He or She literally knows everything of the natural world and how inventions arise from that. He or She knows how the universe is formed—past, present and future, and how the karma of all life forms are intertwined within it. Beyond, such a Master, if God-Realized, has conscious access to the Void. Such a Master in this present life is one who attained enlightenment in a previous life, which is why the knowledge they possess now is inherent (realized), rather than newly acquired.

• An enlightened spiritual Master/Teacher is virtuous, meaning without the mind poisons of anger, lust, greed or vanity.

• A trait, if you want to call it that, of a realized or truly enlightened spiritual Master is detachment, meaning non-clinging; and it is detachment that makes Him or Her fearless.

An enlightened Master always works to empower their students, not hold them under the thumb. He or She is selfless; that is, their attention is always on the good of the whole. Therefore, their students are harmonious, reflecting the love of the Master.

A Wisdom Master is God/Void Realized. There are others on the planet but not many. Some of those whom you witness may be Self-Realized. However, a Self-Realized individual is as rare as finding an emerald in an ocean.

So you can see, there are few spiritual teachers who are actually enlightened.  I hope this helps you.

With Divine Love,

Wisdom Master