HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home Study Program

Wisdom Master MaticintinMaticintin, Wisdom Master, is a vessel of the Mind Treasure Teachings, gifted her by the Transhistorical Consciousness, meaning she attained enlightenment in another lifetime. Maticintin gained enlightenment in a previous lifetime as an apprentice to the great Wisdom Master Padmasambhva. The Wisdom Master has a Doctorate in Logic and Buddhism and is the Founder and Leader of HÜMÜH: Jeweled Path of Living Wisdom, Clear-Mind Buddhism. The Wisdom Master currently teaches at a variety of HÜMÜH Meditation Centers in the United States and Canada, including the HÜMÜH Dharma/Meditation Centers in Kingman, Arizona, and Oroville, Washington, and the Skycliffe HÜMÜH Monastery in Westbridge, British Columbia. She also travels and teaches at other locations in the United States, Canada, and occasionally, abroad.

Maticintin is a noted author with many books, among them a fresh, poetic rendering of The Heart Sutra; the illuminating Clear-Light Living Meditation, Vol. 1, Secrets of the Golden Spiral: Handbook for Enlightenment and Chod:Cutting Through Obstacles (see HÜMÜH Store).She brought forth HÜMÜH as a new Buddhist sect in 1992 as an expression of the highest Teachings culled from all Buddhism to directly address the Western body/mind/spirit connection and lifestyle.

One of the manifestations of her dedication as a Spiritual Teacher is the Initiate Home-Study Program she has developed, which enables Initiates to work with her at a distance, as well as, through on-site retreats and classes. While keeping up with a year-round Teaching schedule, the Wisdom Master maintains periods of solitude in between working with her students and takes time to hike in nature and be in companion energy with a romping, red-haired Pomeranian named Dorji.

“Some say truth is relative
but, in fact, truth is absolute in the absence of deception.
And the greatest of all truths is this: We are not alone or separate, but rather interconnected with all life; interconnected by light. There is no part of our body,
mind, and spirit that is not light. All things in nature and all things made by man
contain this same light. Light is space, and we are made up of such space.
We are the formless made form, with the capacity to invent form
from the infinite space from which we were fashioned, meaning karma.
As a HÜMÜH Initiate, you will realize this capacity
and make the life you want for yourself,
a life that will serve to uplift all life.” 

Maticintin, Wisdom Master



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