HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home Study Program

HÜMÜH’s Transcendental Awareness Institute (TAI)
is a ‘school without walls.’ It exists wherever the Wisdom Master is and wherever she offers the Primordial Divine Teachings that exist at the roots of every religion. TAI is the vehicle for the Wisdom Master’s Teaching program, a vehicle that offers increasing levels of participation and learning on the path to enlightenment.

Sun and MoonExplorer—An Explorer on the Path of HÜMÜH receives the Daily Wisdom Teachings. The Explorer is encouraged to listen to the free audio-streamed Teachings on the HÜMÜH website, and read the many Teachings in the Wisdom Master’s books. The Explorer is invited to various Gatherings, and to program offerings open to non-Initiates at Skycliffe HÜMÜH Monastery & Retreat Centre and other locations. As Explorers become more familiar with the Path of HÜMÜH, they are encouraged to pursue their explorations at a deeper level and become a HÜMÜH Initiate.

InitiateInitiate—An Initiate is a student who pursues HÜMÜH’s Home-Study Program developed by Wisdom Master Maticintin (Initiate Home-Study Program- click here). This program is available by application to all students who work with the Wisdom Master—those who are new to HÜMÜH, as well as those who have been students for many years. The Initiate Program is a series of home-study Initiations and Journeys (see page 9) that enable students of all ages and stages of spiritual development to work at home while being mentored by the Wisdom Master and HÜMÜH’s Spiritual Council. Initiates progress at their own pace, and while there are no time expectations or limits, the more attention and wholeheartedness one gives to their studies, the more is received spiritually.

Sun and MoonBodhisattva —The Bodhisattva Initiate is a student who continues with the Initiations and Journeys begun as an Initiate (see above) but now takes the next step to expand spiritually and integrate the Teachings into their life. This accelerated commitment begins when the Initiate takes the Bodhisattva Vow, which is a vow to pursue the path of enlightenment and live a life of service for the upliftment of all sentient life. Once the Bodhisattva Vow has been taken, the Bodhisattva may begin to study the100 Secret Formulas, and can pursue a degree in Logic and Buddhism through the Transcendental Awareness Institute.

InitiateMonk—The Monk/Lay Monk is an Initiate who, while continuing to work with developing spiritually through the Initiations, Journeys, elective courses, and the Logic of The Secret Formulas studied by those who have taken the Bodhisattva Vow, now seeks to further deepen their commitment to living the Teachings by taking the Monk Vow. A Lay Monk is one who chooses to live the commitment of the Vow while living and working in the world. A Monk is one who leaves the world and lives and works in one of the HÜMÜH spiritual communities. Bodhisattva Initiates are eligible at the Third Initiation to take the Monk/Lay Monk Vow at the discretion of the Wisdom Master.

InitiateZifu—A Zifu is a Monk who is a Spiritual Practice Leader and a person who can give a degree of spiritual guidance relative to their own personal spiritual experience. The Zifu’s goal is to not serve him or herself, but to serve for the good of the whole.

InitiateHümsei—A Hümsei is the Head Zifu, and lives in service to the Three Jewels—the Teacher, the Teachings, and the Path. Hümsei works with all Zifus to inspire and uplift the spiritual community.

A Hifu is a Monk who has provided service as Hümsei or in other advanced leadership positions..


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