HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home Study Program

Retreats and Gatherings are other expressions of the Transcendental Awareness Institute that enable students from around the world to come into the presence of the Awakened Consciousness of the Wisdom Master. Interacting through a live dialogue with the Wisdom Master catapults the sincere student in their spiritual awakening in a way that is not possible by merely listening to a recorded Teaching or reading a book. Therefore, such a student chooses the privileged opportunity to work in a direct way with the Wisdom Master. The student makes regular selections from the annual program in order to be in the Wisdom Master’s presence. See current Skycliffe Retreats (click here).

Live transcription services, as well as, American Sign Language discussions after the Teachings, are available to all Deaf and hard of hearing people in attendance.

Teaching at Skycliffe Monastery/Life Science Centre

“Being in the presence of the Wisdom Master has made it possible
for me to see and understand so much more of why I am here in life
and where I am going. Attending retreats and gatherings
gives me the unique opportunity to converse with the Wisdom Master
who lives from Clear-Mind. It empowers me to open
in ways I never would have been able to by myself.

M.S., Missouri


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