HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home Study Program

A public Satsang is a gathering of spiritually-minded people who come together to listen to or read spiritual Teachings, discuss and meditate on their meaning, and ultimately, bring the Teachings into their daily lives. Satsang is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘true company’ (sat: “true,” sanga: “company”), and it is an opportunity to join people of like mind and spirit for an hour of nourishing spiritual practice. Most importantly, participating in the Satsang strengthens one’s link to the Divine Unlimited Consciousness, thus enriching and uplifting one’s life.


“It is a great joy to be a part of such a Satsang group
in which participants open beyond their usual consciousnesses
to express spiritual understanding cleanly and with respect
for the viewpoints of others. The group comes together
as a whole in doing that.”

B. M., Virginia

Please call or e-mail for Satsang location and contact person in your area:
1-800-336-6015 •



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