The spiritual essence that we have each inherited from the Divine is imperishable or immortal, transcending time and space, evolving from lifetime to lifetime. Such Divine Aspect through which we are defined is actually the light of God, also referred to in HÜMÜH as the VOID, where all mental obstructions are cleared away.

          Why are we here in this life? To attain enlightenment; this is spiritual awakening, of this blessed nature that already resides within us. Herein, lays the Path taken by the HÜMÜH Initiate.

          HÜMÜH Teaches the high road of Ati-Yoga, a Buddha realm otherwise known as The Great Perfection. As you learn to live life through Clear-Mind Vision/Third Eye Vision, your experiences with initiations light the way to transcend the difficulties of life, transmuting lesser energy into Awakened or Clear Light Energy, where the welfare of a person’s body, mind and spirit awakens into its Divine Aspects. Such Awakening results in the HÜMÜH Initiate living a life that naturally serves the good of the whole.

          Upon your decision to walk with me on this lofty Path of HÜMÜH, you will receive your First Initiation to be experienced in the privacy of your own home or in your chosen outdoor setting. The experience that follows initiation is that of a wedge driven between the ordinary and extra-ordinary, so that the light of Clear Light Consciousness can flood into your being. What results in simple, ordinary ways will begin to refine your life and the lives of your loved ones – family, neighbors and friends in subtle, illuminating ways.

           I invite you now to join me as an Initiate on the Path of HÜMÜH.

           With Love that is Divine and Unconditional,

           Wisdom Master

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