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HUMUH: The Jeweled Path of Living Wisdom

HÜMÜH Buddhism/HÜMÜH: Jeweled Path of Living Wisdom is a modern Western tradition of Buddhism founded in 1992 by Maticintin, Wisdom Master. HÜMÜH espouses Wisdom Eye Vision, also known as Third Eye Vision, experienced as awareness of being aware, which enables the practitioner to live in an illuminated state of consciousness while carrying out daily activities. From this unobstructed place in consciousness, meditation becomes an unconfined, living meditation, whereby, the individual discovers a means of seeing, hearing, touching, acting, and interacting, with feeling and foresight, without ever being exhumed from the meditative state. Such practices are extracted from Sakyamuni Buddha’s Sutras and the annotations of these Teachings by the great Lotus Born Wisdom Master Padmasambhava. HÜMÜH is also referred to as Ati-Buddhism or Perfect-Buddhism because it directly perceives and reflects Awareness of Itself as the universal pure (unfabricated) mind.

The premise of HÜMÜH Teachings ascertains that all life and life forms are interconnected by an invisible but very real force known as the dharma, and as such, are interrelated by karma or memory nuclei, and that all such memory nuclei live equally in the past, present, and future ideas of how we view and define ourselves as separate identifications. Once we cease to focus on the ‘self’ ideas, fear is eliminated from a person’s life, and instead, virtues of generosity, ethics, patience, and wisdom begin to flourish. As a result, we begin living without a sense of need or loss, and thereby make it possible to serve the whole through our actions. By living for the good of the whole, the practitioner then relates compassionately out of a realistic consciousness, realized as unconditional love. These eventual equations then make it possible for Clear-Mind Vision to further deepen and develop into a comprehension that expands to function all-pervasively, united with the universal mind, and to share its intelligence as awareness.

HÜMÜH’s Endless Knot System of Awakening is recognizing that everything you do, consciously, as well as, unconsciously, will take you into a beyond of that thing that you did, so you become more and more of that. If it be spiritual practice, meditation, or conscious action, that in itself, takes you beyond into deeper levels of that all the time. And if you are always going to deeper levels of spiritual practice, then you are bound to Awaken.

HÜMÜH has an extensive Initiate program and home-study course, a monastery and retreat center in British Columbia, a dharma/meditation center in Kingman, Arizona, as well as teaching centers throughout the United States. To further explore the Teachings of HÜMÜH, you are invited to visit the website audio Teachings page -, click here to visit the audio Teachings page.


The vibratory sound of Universal Mind spirals manifesting and dissolving in space; representing the essence of the ever-changing  existence of depictions of both life and death.

HÜMism/HÜMISM – The Dharma Thread or Primordial Teachings about the life/death essence.

HÜMÜH – The name of Perfect-Buddhism or Ati*-Buddhist Sect that Teaches the activities of the Universal Mind Essence. Such knowledge or Pure Logic was revered by Padmasambhava, the Wisdom Master who brought Buddhism to Tibet some 1200 years ago.  Once realized, such Perfect-Buddhism has the power to spontaneously bring about Enlightenment.

*Ati – a Sanskrit term meaning “highest or perfect.”

“The Jeweled Path of Living Wisdom is a Path that leads the aspirant
along the footsteps required to attain Self-Realization. It begins
with accessto the Primordial Mind-Treasure Teachings,
or access to the Indestructible gems of the Primordial Wisdom,
which propel one’s life toward clarity and freedom.”

Maticintin, Wisdom Master

HUMUH: The Jeweled Path of Living Wisdom

HÜMÜH is called a ‘Jeweled Path’
because it has a living Wisdom Master at its heart. That living Wisdom Master is sometimes referred to as ‘The Three Jewels:’ the Teacher; the Teachings, which arise from the Teacher; and the Path, which flows from those Teachings.




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