HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home Study Program

“The Initiate Home-Study Program is transcendental because
the simplicity and clarity of the Teachings transform the consciousness
of sincere Initiates and support their steady movement toward enlightenment,
depending upon the level of their willingness and dedication.”

Maticintin, Wisdom Master

First InitiationInitiations are the heart of the Initiate Program. An Initiation is like a powerful wedge that creates a deeper opening for the light of Unlimited Consciousness to come forth and expand in the Initiate’s life, allowing the Path before them to be seen more clearly. Seven Initiations lead to Self-Realization, the first stage of enlightenment, and each Initiation is a marker on the Path indicating the Initiate’s level of awakening to and living the Teachings. Initiates progress at their own pace through the experiential Initiations, and may spend months or years exploring a particular Initiation level. Initiates report their progress monthly to the Wisdom Master and advance in Initiations when the Wisdom Master sees that they are ready.

Journey 1Journeys are monthly spiritual discourses from the Wisdom Master. They are sequenced to continuously build knowledge that will help the Initiates work with and integrate the Teachings into their lives. Each Initiate receives a Journey every month in the mail as long as they are an Initiate. The initial Journeys provide an in-depth study of Wisdom Eye Vision/Third Eye Vision, the Ancient Art of Looking, Clear-Mind Living Meditation, and the Dreamtime, which create the foundation for subsequent areas of spiritual studies.

For Deaf Initiates, Key Points of the monthly Journeys are provided in American Sign Language videos posted in the Initiate Library.

The Wish-Fulfilling Gem MantraThe Pulse of Logic: The Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra(for Initiates only) is a 66-stanza Sanskrit mantra, which is a ‘terma’ or treasure, revealed through the Wisdom Master. The vibration of its chanting provides a meter and cadence that can uplift and enlighten the mind of all sentient beings. Its language contains antidotes for all kinds of suffering, and its repetition cultivates the transmutation of desire into the bliss of the Self-Realized state. After the student has been an Initiate for several months, they may request a printed personal copy of this Mantra and purchase the Mantra Audio CD (click here to listen to the Mantra). Permission is granted at the discretion of the Wisdom Master.

Initiate LibraryInitiate Library is an on-line source of recorded Teachings that the Wisdom Master has recommended for Initiates to study at each Initiation level, as well as, for Bodhisattvas, Monks, and others in spiritual leadership positions. These Teachings are offered in audio format for hearing Initiates and transcriptions for Deaf and hard of hearing Initiates. The library also includes Glossary terms and Key Points of the monthly Journey discourses for the deaf in American Sign Language.

In addition, The Heart of Logic: Ati-Yoga* Teachings are posted for hearing and deaf Initiates in the Initiate Library. For hearing Initiates, a new Teaching is posted each day in the Library and left up for 24 hours. For deaf Initiates, a transcription of a live Teaching is posted in the Initiate Library and left up for two weeks. Once Initiates are provided the webpage link, they can access the Teachings with their given user name and password.

*Ati-Yoga - Highest Buddhist Teachings

The Lankavatara SutraElective Courses (for Initiates only) provide the Initiate with rich opportunities to study the Teachings at a deeper level. Each course encompasses a series of powerful Teachings originally given live by the Wisdom Master on various spiritual topics. Some of the elective courses currently available are The Lankavatara Sutra, considered one of the foundational Teachings of Buddhism as a Path to Awakening, and Secrets of the Book of Changes, also called the I Ching, which is a rich system of spiritual discernment that unfolds the ancient merger of the universal principles of Taoism and Buddhism; and Living as an Enlightened Being: Arousal of Visions, which is a powerful and penetrating exploration of how we dream our life into existence.

The Initiate receives the course in monthly installments containing the audio presentation of the live Teaching on CD, as well as, a complete transcription, which makes the Teaching accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing. There is a tremendous advantage to this form of study, because the versatility of listening/reading/studying a single Teaching repeatedly over the course of the month allows the Teaching to penetrate the ordinary consciousness and awaken divine awareness.
(For description of Elective Courses, click here)

The Sacred Labyrinth - 100 Secret FormulasThe Sacred Labyrinths - 100 Secret Formulas: Revealing the Logic of Life
(for Bodhisattva Initiates only)
are secret oral Teachings that have been passed from Wisdom Master to student for thousands of years. These Teachings are ‘secret’ in the sense that, without the Wisdom Master’s Teaching, such written words remain veiled or secret to the unenlightened mind. Wisdom Master Maticintin has prepared a series of powerful spiritual Teachings entitled, The Sacred Labyrinths: Transcendental Awareness 100 Secret Formulas, which were originally set down by Sakyamuni Buddha. These Formulas are available to Bodhisattvas who wish to penetrate the wisdom depths of Logic in the Teachings of Clear Mind Buddhism.

These Formulas constitute a ‘sacred labyrinth’ of spiritual progression that gradually enables the student to transcend life’s difficulties by making conscious choices. Through this refining process, the developing Bodhisattva Initiate comes in contact with the center of their own divine, unlimited, core and is able to live wholeheartedly for the good of all sentient beings. Eventually, they can learn to move into enlightened states and beyond.

Secrets of the Golden Spiral - Handbook for EnlightenmentBooks are another way for the Initiate to study the Teachings. The Wisdom Master has written a great variety of spiritual books (see the HÜMÜH Book Store)—some in novel format, as well as, spiritual adventure stories; others as direct Teachings and explanations of the Sutras. There is also a collection of students’ personal experiences of learning through direct interaction with the Wisdom Master; and even a children’s book about our kinship with all sentient life.


Secrets of the Golden Spiral:
Handbook for Enlightenment

“The Paramitas are reflections of actions taken from the pristine consciousness rather than from the ordinary consciousness. The ordinary consciousness tries to do everything from the ordinary consciousness. It likes to do the same thing in every situation, cementing habits into all experience. The Awakened Consciousness, however, knows that each action in life depends on the essence of the intention of the action….That means you can have the life you want according to the choices you make, rather than making choices that result in what you do not want….These formulas show you how to approach what you really want in life….As you come to understand how life operates, you will find that many realizations follow,
and the opening is there for enlightenment.”

Maticintin, Wisdom Master


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