HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home-Study Program

As an Initiate of HÜMÜH, you will learn through logic to ‘align your actions with your dreams,’ to live the life you want. Your lessons in logical equations will be experiential. In other words, you will acquire inner balance through the study of logic, which will align your mental outlook with what you want in life. Therefore, you will succeed.

Since this is a Path of action or living life, everything you learn can immediately be put into practice….You will live your dream. No longer will you be a victim of circumstances. Your spiritual education in HÜMÜH will lead you to resolve life’s problems and set you on a course of personal joy and freedom.

All programs are accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. See more detailed information throughout the catalog. To view Learn to Hear without Hearing in American Sign Language, click here.


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