HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home Study Program

Bodhisattva Prayer for EnlightenmentA Bodhisattva Initiate is a person who aspires to complete enlightenment through living a life of service. Service is understood as the manner in which one’s life affects all life in a myriad of ways. The most important aspect of service is that it should be given without any expectation of reward. Service should be given or performed from the heart. Therefore, something is done for someone else, just because it is there to do. If there are expectations attached to the service given, then what is given is not service. It is, instead, an exchange of energy. When something is done for someone with a reward in mind, the return is already limited.

“Have no thought of good karma for yourself,
or of your return, or your expectations. Just do it. This is service.”

Maticintin, Wisdom Master


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