HUMUH Transcendental Awareness Institute - Initiate Home Study Program

Clear-Mind Buddhist Teachings provide opportunities for Explorers and Initiates to delve more deeply into the Primordial knowledge brought forth by the Wisdom Master. Being in the presence of the Wisdom Master for ‘live’ Teachings during Retreats and Gatherings is the most potent, because of the opportunity to receive the energy of the Awakened Consciousness.

The Initiate also has the opportunity to listen to recorded Teachings on the HÜMÜH website (or access transcriptions in the Initiate Library for the deaf and hard-of-hearing). Initiates may also register for Elective Courses, as well as, select audio-Teaching CDs from the World Enlightenment Series, and read the extensive Teachings in the many books published by the Wisdom Master.

HUMUH Initiate

“When we seriously study the Teachings, the mind becomes illuminated.
The Teachings then beginto live inside of the individual.”

Maticintin, Wisdom Master


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