HÜMÜH Buddhist Study Groups


Satsang - HUMUH Buddhist Study GroupThe HÜMÜH Buddhist Study Groups are called Satsangs. A Satsang is a gathering of spiritually-minded people who come together to listen to or read spiritual Teachings, discuss and meditate on their meaning, and ultimately, bring the Teachings into their daily lives. Satsang is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘true company’ (sat: “true,” sanga:  “company”), and when a group of people come together for the specific purpose of awakening the Divine Consciousness within themselves, the company is indeed ‘true.’

Currently, there are Satsangs in British Columbia, Canada, as well as Washington, Idado, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Vermont, and Virginia in the U.S.

Some Satsangs meet every week, while others meet every other week or monthly.  Each Satsang meets for one hour, and begins with chanting the HÜM, followed by a Teaching of Wisdom Master Maticintin. 


For information on HÜMÜH Buddhist Study Groups in your area, please contact us at: 1-800-336-6015 or e-mail us.