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Transcendental Awakenings Series
Transcendental Awakenings
Audio CD Series

by Maticintin
, Wisdom Master

Transcendental Awakenings SeriesLet the Diamond Shine
There is a great difference between religion and true spirituality. Learn to distinguish the marks of wakefulness that allow the diamond awareness of our divinity to shine through the honorable choices and actions of our daily lives.     12/05

View from the Mountain Top

To undertake the spiritual quest, we must be open enough to truly recognize what we do, and why we do it. Discover how to step out of ego into the clear-seeing of the divine, non-dual perspective.   11/05

53 min., 2 discourses, $15.00 US

Transcendental Awakenings SeriesDeveloping MIndfulness
We develop mindfulness by looking out of our eyes from the overview of the divine viewpoint. In that place of the observer, there is no fear or doubt. There is no self-centeredness, only a compassion that tries to heal life. Learn to live from this vital place of consciousness.  05/05

How Unwanted Situations Are Eliminated
Our life is made up of our rationalizations about why things have to be the way they are. Learn how to look 'at' your feelings, but not 'through' them so you can discover the freedom of the divine being within. Discover how the Teacher's unconditional love reflects you own inherent nature.   01/06

58 min., 2 discourses, $15.00 US

Transcendental Awakenings SeriesLiving Your Divinity
Learn to give what is appropriate for the moment, not just what is convenient. To do that is to live from the self-discipline and naturalness of divine love. It is to be in a space of fusion with the moment.  06/05

Awareness of Mental Imagery and Its Effects

Feelings are contagious; they can bring momentary joy or pollute the lives of others. Without true wakefulness, we become unconscious victim of others' feelings or our own habitual mental imagery. This Teaching provides information to protect oneself and others.   01/06

Reflections of Quantum Feelings
All our memories are alive in our present-life viewpoints. Feeling produces memory; all imagery is ignited by feelings touching upon the mirror of the universal mind. Learn how this mirror projects our consciousness.   01/05

51 min., 3 discourses, $15.00 US

Transcendental Awakenings SeriesSeeing the Dharma in All Life
The living truth of the Dharma is the force, the 'glue' that holds every karmic situation together so it can evolve. Learn how the feeling that calls on the divine is sincerity and resolve situations for the good of the whole.  07/05

43 min., $15.00 US