HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

Self Mastery CD SeriesSelf-Mastery
Audio CD Series

by Maticintin
, Wisdom Master

Self Mastery CD SeriesObtaining Clarity
A person who does not take charge of their life has life take charge of them. See how, with clarity, everything falls into place exactly the way that it should.  

Beginnings and Endings
Find out how to create favorable beginnings and endings in life in order to attain self-mastery.

2 discourses, 70 min., $15.00 US

Self Mastery CD SeriesDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Explore that 'inner voice' to learn to discern one' s higher voice from that of the ego. 

Things That Should Never Be Talked About
It's just those unapproachable subjects that need our attention. The Wisdom Master guides us into a penetrating exploration of some of these.

2 discourses, 60 min., $15.00 US

Self Mastery CD SeriesTransmutation of Energy and Insights into the Transcendental Mind
You are the dreamer of your life, but to have life the way you want it to be, you must learn how to transmute unwanted energy. 

Listening to the Heart

Learn how to tap into the heart and come to know how to make decisions in life that bring what you want, rather than what you do not want.

2 discourses, 78 min., $15.00 US

Self Mastery CD SeriesUsing Sameness to Override Opposites
Discover that there is a balance point, and that there is a viewpoint to that balance point that actually give us a 360 degree view of all life situations.

1 discourse, 46 min., $15.00 US

Self Mastery CD SeriesPurity of Intention
Impurity and purity have common denominators. When we learn these, we can see the nature of true purity.

The Antidote to Fear
With a quiet mind, we can take charge of our life instead of unconsciously allowing the fabrications of our imagination to dominate our life.

2 discourses, 68 min., $15.00 US