HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

The Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra and HÜM Chant

by Maticintin, Wisdom Master

The Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra

Wish-Fulfilling Gem MantraEnhance the sacred space of your home and meditation area by playing the powerful sound of this mantra as it is led by Wisdom Master Maticintin and chanted by HÜMÜH Monks. The 66 stanzas of this Sanskrit mantra are a 'terma,' or treasure, revealed through the Wisdom Master. The vibration of its chanting provides a meter and cadence that can uplift and enlighten the mind of all sentient beings. Its language contains antidotes for all kinds of suffering, and its repetition cultivates the transmutation of desire into the bliss of the Self-Realized state.

 2005, 68 Min., $15.00 US

For Initiates only - to place an order for this cd, please contact the HÜMÜH office.

The HÜM: A Journey of Spirit Freed in the Universe

HÜM ChantHear the HÜM as you’ve never experienced it before. Give yourself, body, mind, and spirit, to its transcendent, universal tones and vibrations.

Join with the Voice of Wisdom Master Maticintin in this remarkable new expression of the ancient and powerful HÜM Chant, which she has created anew as, “A Journey of Spirit to the Opening of the Third Eye.” Rediscover, or taste for the first time, the Light and limitless freedom of our interconnection with all life in the singing, ever-expanding Heart of the Whole.

 2014, 60 Min., $10.00 US

Sounds of the Void....HÜM

Rolling HUM ChantHÜM is an ancient Sanskrit syllable whose sound, when chanted, replicates the sound of the VOID, or Pure Consciousness. It is the sound of the vibration emanating from the VOID in its most primordial form—the original sound, the lost word or name of the Divine. It is the voice of Silence, and it opens the body, mind, and spirit to the divine energy of the natural state.

Join with Wisdom Master Maticintin as she chants the HÜM in a continuous flow of sacred sound that can be used as a prelude or background for deep meditation. Allow the sound to introduce and draw you into unification with the oneness of all existence and non-existence. Play it in your home or in your garden, in a sick room or when you need to put some space and balance back into your life. But most of all, stop what you are doing and join in. Harmonize. Sing a descant. Create a rolling HÜM and let it vibrate the very cells and atoms of your body into alignment with the Divine Heart of the universe.

 2010, 55 Min., $15.00 US