HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism - School of Ati-Yoga

Wisdom Master Maticintin invites you to learn to go beyond the limited notions of ordinary consciousness and ordinary hearing and discover the real power of deep listening.
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Comment from an Initiate

“When I first met the Wisdom Master at Skycliffe, it had a striking effect on me. I had the opportunity to be present for a Teaching. Since this was a spontaneous change in plans, there was no time for the staff to set up captions for the Teaching, which is what HÜMÜH always does for its deaf initiates. For the very first time in my life, I sat close to the Wisdom Master as she taught without my actually, literally understanding the words she used. I sat there in rapt silence and attention because I felt as if there was something more going on than just the words she was saying.  I could feel the energy that flowed from her to me as she taught.  I was moved to tears without physically hearing a word that was said. I became an initiate of HÜMÜH soon after this experience.  This journey I have taken with the Wisdom Master thus far has transformed my life in so many ways.”

L. H., TX