Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

The grounds of Skycliffe, especially the area around the Sacred Stupa, are filled with images, with statues that represent particular enlightened states. As one walks about the property, they see at the top of the Stupa a figure that symbolizes the Divine Consciousness, the consciousness that Wisdom Master Maticintin has brought to Skycliffe. On the teaching platform in front of the Stupa lie two life-sized golden lions that are representative protectors of the sacred area. On top of a mound in a beautiful rock and flower garden beside the Stupa is a statue of a figure sitting cross-legged in samadhi, the non-dual state in which all things are one. On a hill close by stands a statue that at Skycliffe is called Brava, signifying an ‘immortal’ influence which represents the transcendental resolution of opposing forces that result from conflict. Thus, Brava represents a condition of being that provides resolution to conflict. The joy and the serenity that is ever present at Skycliffe is represented in many locations on the property by figures of seated meditators and by the heads of contemplative images seen nearby on Amitabha Vista and on the rocky shore of the Kettle River that flows along Skycliffe’s western boundary.

These statues are not called Buddhas nor are they called gods. They are not to be worshiped. They are only representations of the enlightened consciousness, not the consciousness itself. Wisdom Master Maticintin says that to call them Buddhas sets up confusion in peoples’ minds. It misrepresents them so that people begin to worship them. The Teacher indicates, however, that it is appropriate for great respect to be shown to the figures for the energy that they represent, and that gradually, they will become imbued with the energy that is accorded to them by the observer. In turn, they offer to those who open themselves an inspiration for the expansion of that energy within their own consciousness, so that each person may be impelled to move forward to discover their own innate divinity.

The symbolism and the potentiation of sacred energy at Skycliffe do not end with the statues. The white roses that surround the area of the Stupa illustrate to us the purity of the white rose that is the symbol of HÜMÜH. The stones that lead up to the platform in front of the Stupa are painted to become beautiful jewels to show us that HÜMÜH is the Jeweled Path of Transcendental Wisdom. The frequent chanting here of the names of the five Transcendent Buddha energies invest the chanters as well as the environment all around with wisdom, purity of mind, clarity, compassion for oneself and others, and also, with fearlessness. And everywhere in this hallowed space, the words of the transformative Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra float forth in their ineffable essence into all directions from thousands of prayer flags and from being heard 24-hours-a-day from inside the Stupa.

Under the platform at the front of the Stupa are buried all of the Teachings of HÜMÜH, as well as other Primordial Teachings, and their energies radiate out into the atmosphere. These Teachings are also housed inside the Stupa, even though the inside of the Stupa is unfinished at this time.

The totality of spiritual energy that emanates from all these sources is palpable, whether one is sitting silently on a bench in front of the Stupa, circumambulating the sacred structure on the graceful walking pathway around it, or just strolling about the property in other places. There is a fullness of sacred silence that prevails here. It is a place of peace and aliveness at the same time. It is a place of great healing. The Sacred Stupa and all of Skycliffe and the surrounding environment are filled with the energies of the Enlightened Consciousness and serve as beacons of Love and Joy to gift the world with spiritual expansion, with forward movement towards the Divine Consciousness.


Buddha means
'Awakened Consciousness,'
so it stands to reason that a statue,
having no consciousness,
cannot be a Buddha.
However, the art or expression
of a statue's countenance,
can be an inspiration to instill
heartfelt feelings,
which can contribute
to one's eventual 'awakening.'

Maticintin, Wisdom Master