Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

HÜMÜH's Sacred Stupa"May the ground stay fertile
and your energy alive and vibrantly healthy.

May all you have that will bring you enlightenment come to great fruition.

May strength and vitality fill every cell in your body so that all you come in contact with will be uplifted through generations to come.

May there always be enough water to nourish this land to bring prosperity to the environment at large, so that all who hear of the Stupa will come to see it and be nourished.

Let love fill these grounds."

Blessings by Wisdom Master Maticintin at the time
of the Stupa Dedication in 2004, when a 'Healing Wave' was started with 100 people circumambulating the Stupa, that is to last 1,000 years

"The ancient meanings of the Stupa date back further than 300 B.C.E. to a time when the Primordial Teachings and integration of those Teachings were very much a part of each individual’s life. The Primordial Teachings I speak of are the original Teachings out of which all religions spring. The Stupa itself was then, and continues to be, a sacred monument that houses the energy of these Teachings so that the people receive inspiration in the presence of a Stupa. Once the inspiration enlivens the spirit of the individual, all sorts of blessings occur. These blessings are practical, as well as esoteric. In practical form, the blessings themselves can heal a person in spirit, mind, and body. Such healings come about in direct relationship to an opening of one’s heart, which occurs as one sits in the presence of a Stupa, or while slowly and meditatively circumambulating it.

Spiritual abundance is frequently derived through the arousal of devotion, which, when ignited in correlation to inspiration, brings a person into a state of consciousness that lives wholeheartedly. In other words, the individual lives in the way they want to live, true to themselves, rather than the way tradition has dictated to them. The Stupa is a symbol of the Awakened Consciousness, which is the Divine Consciousness or true meaning of Buddha, Christ, Moses, or other comparable Enlightened Beings.

The HÜMÜH Stupa was built with love. I don’t mean that in an ordinary sense, but rather, that apprentices from all over the world have visited Skycliffe and participated in its construction. There were times when the job seemed truly enormous, such as when we dug out the foundation by hand and then refilled the dirt to its center, which felt like taking a spoon to refill the Grand Canyon. We laughed a lot. We were also very aware that such a tremendous cause, the cause to build this sacred Stupa, would have a tremendous effect on each of us personally and in the world. As it rose to its 50-foot height, there was not an uncertain feeling in any among us. This was a Healing Stupa, a place where people will gather or come individually to sit or walk beneath it, and to be touched by the divine energy of its construction. Healings will take place here and people will learn about the true meaning of healing: the body, mind, spirit connections that must take place to eliminate the karma that holds disease, discomfort, and mental anguish in place.

Surrounding the Stupa is a mandala-shaped garden. Within it are apple trees and the soft fragrance of flowers and clover. It’s a place where one feels charged and stimulated into the realization of one’s unification with divinity. We are truly one with God.

The Stupa that was built here at Skycliffe is more than a beautiful monument. As a Healing Stupa, its construction was enacted in prayer to begin its consecration; the Primordial Teachings are in sepulture within its cement foundation, and the hollowed room within the structure will contain all the Teachings of the Path of HÜMÜH, as well as objects and relics of Buddha from the past, present, and the future. Our Stupa is a radiant beacon designed to uplift the human spirit. As one walks in its magnificent garden, or sits contemplatively in its luminous shade, their thoughts will clear, and the energy of new life will spring forth in them. Body and mind will come into harmony; worry and fear will drop away; and dis-ease will be shed as the light of fresh possibilities fills their being. Even the casual visitor will leave Skycliffe renewed.

lion statue at the StupaCan this really be?

Yes! Skycliffe’s Healing Stupa magnifies the divinity that exists here. It is a focal point. All 220 acres now glow with the splendor and sparkle of Divine Love, but the luminosity will be even greater as visitors and staff alike come to realize that every thought, every word, and every movement that takes place here amplifies the Divine Consciousness. Visiting Skycliffe is truly an evocation for the Divine Consciousness to infiltrate thoughts, speech and actions of each one of us. Therefore, it is a place of wellness, a place of spiritual revelation, and certainly a place of spiritual evolution.

When you come here, visit with these things in mind. Your preparation can begin at home. Do everything in the name of the Divine Consciousness. Speak to your spouse, your children, your neighbors, employers, and pets mindfully, with awareness, with your attention focused at your Third Eye. It is the place of balance within you, that place that lies between extremes, between inflexible feelings of pro or con. Practice living from that place now. Here at Skycliffe, you will have the opportunity to take your experience much deeper, and we will have much to share."

Maticintin, Wisdom Master

Transhistorical Lineage Holder of the Mind-Treasure Teachings