Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

HÜMÜH's Healing StupaIn the beginningless beginning, there was the Divine Consciousness, a Consciousness with a creative impulse to enliven the energy of the Void in all sentient beings, an impulse to expand itself and to have that expansion happen in others. And so it happened that Wisdom Master Maticintin, as a vessel of that creative consciousness, opened to a vision whereby all who choose to receive can glimpse and be touched by the Divine Consciousness.

On March 18, 2003, Wisdom Master Maticintin broke ground for the building of a 50-foot Stupa in the middle of the orchard at Skycliffe, the HÜMÜH Buddhist Monastery & Retreat Centre. The Stupa is a great shrine of HÜMÜH Buddhism and will contain all of the Primordial Teachings. It will be a focal point of the energy of Skycliffe, and visible in all parts of Padma Valley.

Thus a sacred monument that holds and emanates that Consciousness has been brought into manifestation at Skycliffe, the HÜMÜH Monastery. This Sacred Stupa has been presented into being, in the middle of a beautiful apple orchard, by the loving thoughts and actions of many caring individuals. Some made careful calculations so the presentation would be structurally correct, some dug out dirt for the foundation, and others mixed concrete using small electric cement mixers. The concrete was carried in wheelbarrows and in buckets by individuals, at times up ladders, to be put into place, and on the dome of the Stupa one handful at a time. The walls of the Stupa are over a foot thick, and it contains 356,000 pounds of concrete, 9,000 feet of rebar, 106 sheets of plywood, 2,338 linear feet of 2 by 4’s and over 1,000 feet of other sizes of lumber. Hundreds of plants were placed with loving hands into 200 cubic feet of topsoil in the mandala-shaped gardens, while other persons applied over 100 gallons of primer and gold leaf paint to the Stupa’s surface.

Through it all, the real substances from which this healing Stupa was constructed are Love and Oneness. As buckets of aggregate and cement were passed from one hand to another, and as stones were put in place by hand, one by one, on the berm and in the gardens around the area, there was a feeling of harmony at all times. It was the constant presence and the divine love and inspiration of Wisdom Master Maticintin and the wholeheartedness of all the participants, including those who sent prayers and donations, that built a Sacred Stupa that will last a thousand years.

The Stupa is surrounded by a beautiful mandala-shaped garden, with walkways and benches for meditation. Thus, all who come to visit may take time to absorb the blessed energy that exists at Skycliffe.

The foundation of the Stupa is 29 square-feet, tapering upward on all sides to form a point where it seems to touch the sky. There is a beautiful 7-foot standing bronze image of Sakyamuni that appears to be showering blessings on the entire region.

This sacred monument is destined to be an attraction for all of the people of Canada and the United States, and other international visitors as well, so that they will come and savor the stillness, the beauty and the blessings of the Divine Consciousness that exists at Skycliffe.