Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

Whirling Circle Various forms of whirling have been part of the spiritual practice of meditators from many traditions throughout history. The most commonly known one being the Sufi whirling dervishes.

Skycliffe’s Whirling Circle is nestled in a small clearing next to the Stupa Mandala Garden. As you walk down the path to the Stupa, just past the large Prayer Flag pole, you will come upon a small well-trodden path on the right, not bordered by rocks. Take this path and just a short distance down on the left is the entrance to the Whirling Circle. When you reach the circle, pick up a stick from near the bench. This is to help re-balance yourself, when needed. Find a place in the circle where you feel comfortable and have space to move. With the stick in one hand, let your other arm hang down by your side naturally. Do not use any effort to hold your arm out from your body. Spin slowly, at first, in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction, with your eyes lowered and relaxed, not looking around. Speed is not important. Let your body relax as it gently turns. Notice that the analytical mind falls quiet. Allow that inner quiet to continue. After a short period of spinning, stop and still your body, allowing the mind to remain silent. If you feel any dizziness, pause and let it subside before continuing or exiting the circle. When finished, take the quiet openness with you as you leave.