Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat
Stupa at Night View from Stupa Mandala Garden Contemplation
Sacred Stupa by Night
View from the Stupa Mandala Garden
Contemplation in a Meditation Nook
The golden Stupa is an outdoor sacred monument that houses the energy of the Primordial Teachings. As is often the custom, ours is situated in a meditation garden that is fragrant with flowers in the late spring and summer. The Stupa itself is a symbol of the radiance of the Awakened Consciousness. Its garden features a prayer wheel, benches at a variety of meditation nooks, and a counterclockwise pathway for use in walking meditation. The Stupa platform is sometimes the site of the Wisdom Master's Teaching.

The Stupa was built through the vision of Wisdom Master Maticintin and with the efforts of devoted students and visitors who came from all over the world to participate with the Wisdom Master in its construction. The Stupa and its garden form a dynamic beacon as well as a receptive environment designed to uplift the human spirit and open it to healing.

As Wisdom Master Maticintin has said, "It is a sacred space where one can feel charged and stimulated into the realization of one's unification with divinity."

Walking Meditation around the Stupa Prayer Wheel Stupa Mandala Garden
Walking Meditation around the Stupa
Prayer Wheel 
View of Stupa Mandala Garden

 Because of the nature and purpose of the Stupa and its Garden, we ask that there be an atmosphere of Silence and respect at all times.