Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

Throughout the Seasons

Skycliffe Main GateNestled in the woods along the Kettle River, in the interior of British Columbia, lie the peaceful 220 acres of ‘Skycliffe,’ HÜMÜH’s Monastery & Retreat Centre. Upon entering the main gate, a gently curving gravel road, with prayer flag poles lining both sides, leads visitors into the heart of the property. Quiet and serene, Skycliffe is a sanctuary for people as well as local wildlife.

Everything on the property is arranged to allow guests the opportunity to release the tensions and strains of their busy lives. Relaxing hiking trails wind through the hills and valleys. The Kettle River, which meanders along the western edge of the property, offers many places to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the gently rolling currents. An inlet of the river forms a swimming hole for summer visitors to cool off on sunny mid-afternoons.

For those who like to sit in quiet meditation
, there are many ideal spots. The Forest Temple and several 'Outdoor Meditation Features' have been specifically designed as group or private meditation areas. There is also a beautiful Mandala Garden surrounding the golden Stupa, where people can sit on one of the many benches or walk the curving path around the Stupa as the Wish-Fulfilling Gem Mantra quietly plays throughout the garden.

Winter boots are a must, but for the full winter adventure, bring along snow shoes or cross country skis (may also be available to borrow from our office) and explore the diamond expanses of a pure, winter landscape where eagles soar and elk call from the heights.

loghouse guest lodge winter scene snowshoeing
Our Cozy Loghouse Guest Lodge 
A Clear and Sunny Winter's Day
Snowshoeing is a Favourite Winter Activity

Spring thaw transforms the land into a bird watcher’s paradise, and in late May, the 30-year-old apple orchard bursts into fragrant bloom around the golden Sacred Stupa at the heart of the Mandala Meditation Garden.

Meditation Nook Sacred Stupa surrounded by an apple orchard spring blossoms
Meditation Nook in the Stupa Garden
Blossoming Apple Trees
 A Bird Watcher's Paradise

Summer offers water play and the best swimming hole for miles around.

Kettle River Swimming Hole swimming Kettle River
Kettle River and Swimming Hole
A Refreshing Swim on a
Hot Summer's Day
Kettle River Scenery

Autumn is rich in the colors of golden aspen leaves and tamarack among the evergreens, and eyes and ears are charmed by the wanderlust of geese winging south. The quiet, natural setting is a favorite for artists, writers, bird lovers, and lovers of the flora and fauna of southern British Columbia. It’s an enchanting place to get away from the demands of the busy world.

Amitabha Vista in Autumn bench Kettle River in Autumn
Amitabha Vista Offers a Glorious View
Bench on the Skycliffe Grounds
Kettle River on an Autumn Morning