Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

LabyrinthAncient labyrinth designs are found in cultures all over the world. They are carved in rock, displayed in ceramics, mosaics, stone patterns, hedges, and even cathedral pavements. The earliest known designs date back 3,000 years. A labyrinth is a meditative tool designed to still the consciousness. By walking in a focused and directed way, one begins to relax and their senses become heightened.

Skycliffe has its own labyrinth; its pattern laid out in lines and circles of stone, surrounded by colorful prayer flag poles. It is another meditative tool gifted to us by the Wisdom Master. You will find it in Padma Valley, north of the large Prayer Flag Pole along the path leading to the side gate that eventually takes you over the hand-crafted wooden bridge to the Temple.

Walking the Labyrinth
You are invited to begin walking with a quiet mind, taking your time as you find the way into the ‘heart center’ of the labyrinth. Pause there in extended awareness, and when you are ready, exit in the same manner, carrying a newfound openness and calm back into your life.