Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

Karma Shedding PitThe Karma Shedding Pit was born from a Teaching the Wisdom Master gave one day in the Temple. If you walk down Empowerment Lane towards the Forest Temple, you will discover a rock-lined pathway on the left that winds through the trees to a clearing where the Karma Shedding Pit is located. As you enter the clearing, there is a large, deep, circular pit dug into the ground, surrounded by rocks. The front has a hand-made wooden railing lined with prayer flags and a basket filled with golden stones. In the back, the rocks are mounded high into a small hill with a smiling statue of an aspect of the Buddha Consciousness sitting on top. Next to the pit is a small metal bucket filled with black stones. You are invited to let go of the burden of some limiting mental state by symbolically casting it into the pit. You do this by selecting one of the black stones from the metal bucket. This black stone represents the dark area in your life that you are now willing to discard. Toss the black stone into the abyss of the shedding pit as you let go of any thoughts, feelings, or images associated with the dark area. Select a ‘golden memory stone’ from the basket. Because you were willing to let go of the area of darkness, you now have a golden nugget in your life. Keep this ‘golden memory stone’ as a reminder of that realization.