Skycliffe - HÜMÜH Monastery Retreat

Edge Walk        Walking on 'the edge'

In the Wisdom Master’s book, Secrets of the Golden Spiral, there is a chapter entitled: “The Edge of Awareness.” It is a story of a young man seeking the ‘edge of awareness’ in order to obtain enlightenment. During his quest, he has many adventures and experiences that help him to discover what this ‘edge of awareness’ is. One of those experiences occurs when he descends into a deep ravine on a very steep and narrow path that requires him to constantly maintain his attention on his actions and his surroundings so that he does not fall.

Skycliffe has its own version of this adventure in its landscape meditation feature: The Edge Walk. To the right of the Forest Temple, and set back among the trees, is a spiral of logs. You are invited to walk the spiral as a practice in meditative absorption: the quieter the mind, the better the balance. Move quietly and allow lots of space between yourself and anyone moving ahead of you. Safety poles lean against the tree near its start to use as a ‘third leg’ when needed. As you make your way around the spiral, walk each step consciously using the edge of awareness to walk along the narrow logs. When you finish, take that edge of awareness with you as you leave.